2011 Journey of the Sacred Feminine: The Soul’s Call to Adventure.

A nine month Journey, spread over the rest of the year, exploring the narrative of the stages of a woman’s life intertwined with the Faces of Soul, to explore how our Life Stories illuminate and embody the Soul’s Journey.  We will begin and end with conception and perception: what you know and how you know what you know, and pay attention to how this field of knowing shifts and stabilizes as the Year progresses.

More Information about the Journey of the Sacred Feminine:
You are going on a Journey, a journey that will change you.  How, and how much, is up to you – what you want for yourself, what your Soul and your Spirit call you to do, and the extent of your willingness to allow what you are learning to become part of the fabric of your Being, of your Knowing.  It is an inner journey that will manifest in your outer life.  Although we will have companions and witnesses on this journey, each journey will also be personal and unique. 

Welcome to the Journey.  Welcome.

You will explore your personal life narratives – biological, emotional, mental, social and spiritual – and name the wisdom woven in and between these stories.  You will learn to notice how your Soul touches and has touched you on your journey through life so far, and to embrace with recognition the Beauty and deep Wisdom of your Soul’s ongoing Call to Adventure.  We can access the Soul though pain, through the dark night - this works.  But there is another way – through Beauty.  Beauty – the inherent sense of implicit order that is our aesthetic sense – is Soul Food, and part of our journey is to identify Source and Resource of Beauty in our lives, for Beauty is all around us when we have eyes to see.  Each month you will have the opportunity to be deeply nourished, to touch your Beauty, and to delve deeply into some part of the Mystery that is you.

Welcome to the Journey.  Welcome.


Circle meets 9 times from February to November, beginning Sunday February 20, from 11 am – 4 pm, no meeting in July. 

Dates are: February 20,March 20, April 3, May 1, June 5, August7, September 11, October 2, November 6.

There will also be a celebratory gathering after the Journey is completed, TBA.

The fee for each month is $75 payable on the first of the month, or you may pay for the whole Journey in advance for $600, a 10% discount.

Please remember that you are signing up for a Journey – you will belong to a community of women who will meet for teachings, ceremony and sharing, who will impact you as you also impact them.  For each participant to receive full benefit from this Journey, each woman needs to commit to the Journey from beginning to completion – it is a gestation.  You are birthing a new You, and are a birth attendant for the other participants.  You need to bring this Birthing to term, both individually and collectively.

Welcome to the Journey.  Welcome.

If for some reason you have to miss a Circle, you will receive all class materials, and a recording of the teachings or guided visualizations that were offered in that month’s circle; you are still obligated for the month’s fee.

Please register as soon as possible to hold your space with a deposit of your first month’s fee.

Welcome to the Journey.  Welcome.

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